Contractors Construction Info

Contractors undertaking a new construction project should contact the Billing office of Orrville Utilities to apply for electric service:

Phone: (330) 684-5020

In-Person Application: 125 W. Water Street, Orrville, Ohio

To set up a site appointment with a distribution supervisor from the Distribution Department of Orrville Utilities, please call (330) 684-5140.

During the site visit, the distribution supervisor will ask about the following factors:

Amp size of service
Air conditioning (if applicable)
Type of heating system
If temporary service is needed
Name of your electrician
Other questions pertinent to your electric service

The distribution supervisor will explain your available options and electricity rates, as well as what work will be required by you and Orrville Utilities. He will also be able to answer any questions you may have and outline the process of providing electricity service. 

Please refer to Orrville, Ohio’s building requirements for contractors in the list below. Click here for additional zoning information.