Basement Flooding Prevention

The City of Orrville has two sewer systems designed to remove wastewater and assist in basement flooding prevention and other common water problems. The City’s sanitary sewer system carries polluted water from toilets, showers, laundry machines, and other appliances to the wastewater plant for treatment. This water is carried constantly via small pipes deep underground.

The City also utilizes a storm sewer system that carries non-polluted water from roof drains, road runoff, and footer drains to nearby creeks and ponds. This system uses large pipes that are designed for occasional heavy flow during rainy periods.

Proper use of these sewer systems is your best bet for preventing basement flooding:

1)  Don’t route groundwater, footer drains, downspouts or sump pump discharges to the sanitary sewer, where they could overload the system during heavy rains. 

2)  Slope ground away from your home. Maintain gutters, downspouts and pipes leading water away from home. 

3)  Protect your home by installing a Sewer Backflow Valve. Installing sump pumps with battery backup and water sensors can also help you prevent flooding.

4)  Contact a plumber, excavator, or other building professionals for more advice.