Power to my Home

Have you ever wondered how electricity gets from Orrville Utilities to your home? Electricity is generated at the Orrville Power Plant, after which it is sent to "step-up" substations where voltage is increased to as high as 500,000 volts. Transmission lines can transport electricity with less loss at higher voltages.

As the electric current gets close to its point of use, voltage is reduced through a series of "step down" transformers. The power is delivered to major substations where the voltage is dropped to either 138,000 or 69,000 volts. Feeders from each substation then distribute electricity to neighborhoods in the city of Orrville.

Voltage is dropped again at either pad-mounted transformers located on the ground or pole-mounted transformers. These lines that complete the delivery to the customer are called secondary lines, and supply electricity to individual homes at 120/240 volts. Stores, schools, hospitals and others have larger transformers and service entrances and may require different voltages. 

Once electricity arrives in your building, the electric panel distributes it through the wiring and protects against overloaded circuits. With this, the delivery of affordable electricity is complete, allowing you to use it for whatever you might need!  Click to view a drawing of how electricity get to your home.