Frequently asked questions

Who is responsible for finding and fixing leaks in my water supply?

The utility's responsibility ends at the curbside tap. However, our water services team can help you identify problems on your side of the tap if you need help. You may call 330.684.5130 during business hours, or for a water utility emergency, please call01-844-734-6366.

Do you chlorinate the water?

Yes. State law requires that we chlorinate our water supply.

Is the water fluoridated?

Yes, to a level not to exceed 1.18 parts per million.

Do you test your water for impurities?

Yes, regularly. Water quality testing is done in compliance with state and federal regulations. We test for pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria, volatile organic compounds, etc. Testing is conducted at various locations within our water treatment system and by taking samples at randomly selected customer locations. Our water quality meets or exceeds all state and federal regulations.

How do I read my water meter?

Your water meter reads like a car odometer. The last digit to the right records single cubic feet (one cubic foot represents 7.48 gallons.) This meter is read from left to right.