The City of Orrville is hiring!

We are seeking an Assistant Utilities Director for Orrville Municipal Utilities.

This is a pivotal leadership role responsible for overseeing all aspects of utility operation, including water, wastewater, electric generation, and transmission systems. Reporting to the Utilities Director, who plans to retire within two years, this position offers a unique opportunity for a highly-motivated individual. As AUD, you will provide strategic direction, ensure regulatory compliance, and manage budgets for fiscal sustainability. Additionally, the AUD will implement initiatives to drive growth,... Read More >

The Orrville Water Department will begin flushing fire hydrants June 10 th , 2024. It will take
several weeks to complete the system flush. The hydrants will be flushed on weekdays
between the hours of 7:00am and 4:00pm. The hydrant flushing may cause pressure
fluctuations and may also cause water to become cloudy or discolored. The water should clear
up after a short period of time. If the water is discolored, the Water Department recommends
that you do not do laundry until the water clears up. If you have any questions, please call the
Water Department at 330-684-5130.

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Coming soon - We have exciting news regarding a new way to engage with Orrville Utilities regarding service interruptions via our new partnership with Daupler Response Management System.  While the “How To Report an Outage” phone number will remain the same (1-844-734-6366), there are improvements on the way.

We’re working to streamline our response processes to make it easier on our customers and staff when there is an electric outage, service interruption, water main break, sewer issue, etc.  The online Daupler system will provide Orrville Utilities customers the ability to:

  • Receive notifications in real-time
  • Report incidents and service issues
  • Access to a technician 24/7... Read More >

On February 29th, March 1st and March 3rd, the Orrville Water Department will be working in the area of West Water Street, adjacent to the Post Office and Water Tower.  Expect delays and temporary road closures.

We apologize for the inconveniences this work may cause you, but we appreciate your patience as we work to improve your future water reliability.

If you have questions, please call the Water Department at 330.684.5130.

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Please be advised that the City of Orrville, Utilities Department, has again  received reports that customers are receiving fraudulent calls stating that their electric utility bills have not been paid and must be paid within the next 30 minutes.    Orrville Utilities always offers the option of the slot box for payments located at 125 W. Water Street.  If a customer is not sure about the balance due on their utility account, they may call 330-684-5020, option #3  to verify the status of their utility account.  Our source tells us that they are spoofing a local area code of (330), so it does appear to be a local call but it IS NOT Orrville Utilities.  There are no more disconnects from NON-PAYMENT of utility accounts scheduled... Read More >

The City of Orrville (Dominion Gas customers only) is once again providing its residents with the opportunity to participate with other municipalities in a natural gas governmental aggregation program, with Interstate Gas Supply, Inc,  as the supplier of gas.

If you are currently enrolled in the City of Orrville Natural Gas Aggregation Program, you will automatically be enrolled into the new program unless you choose to “opt out” -  that is, to not participate. There is no cost for enrollment. If you are currently enrolled with the City of Orrville Aggregation Program and want to be excluded, you must contact IGS  (Interstate Gas Supply) at 1-877-353-0162.

If you are not currently enrolled and would like to be... Read More >

Don’t forget to call 811 to locate utility lines prior to digging on your property.  There could be underground electric, water, sewer, or telecommunication lines buried in the area.  When you call 811 that issues a request to Orrville Utilities, informing us that we need to mark utility lines, which is completed within 48 hours.

Beginning this week you may see trucks with the USIC (US Infrastructure Corporation) symbol on them.  This company will be performing our line locates for us.  You probably have seen them around town before, locating other utilities, such as gas lines and cable lines.  We are excited to team with USIC, and welcome their many years of experience.  

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Orrville Utilities has received recognition for reliability from the American Public Power Association (APPA).  APPA gathers information form all utilities across the nation and selects the recepients.  Orrville Electric's average customer interruption was 61 minutes before power was restored.  The national average is 203 minutes.  Orrville Utilities is quite proud of this accomplishment and recognition.  There is a broad spectrum of electric utility employees, management, and staff to thank and who work together to  "keep the lights on" in Orrville... Read More >

COLUMBUS, OH:  American Municipal Power, Inc. (AMP) is proud to announce that the City of Orrville received national recognition for achieving exceptional electric reliability in 2017.  The Certificate of Excellence in Reliability comes from the American Public Power Association (APPA) and AMP member certificate recipients were announced on March 14 during the annual AMP Technical Services Conference in Columbus.

The APPA helps public power systems track outage and restoration data through the eReliability Tracker serve and then compares the data to national statistics tracked by the U.S. Energy Information... Read More >

The Utility Board approved the implementation of Landlord/Property Owner Policy to become effective January 1, 2019.

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The 1 MW Solar field site is nearing completion.  

1 MG Solar Field nearing completion.





The second solar field,  is a 2 MW field site and is in the early construction stage.





Both solar fields should be up and running in early 2018, and will provide a total of 3 MW of energy.  This solar project is one addition to enhance the... Read More >

SCAM ALERT !! –August 24, 2017

Please be advised that the City of Orrville, Utilities Department, has again  received reports that customers are receiving fraudulent calls stating that their electric utility bills have not been paid.  The caller states that Orrville Utilities has merged with Ohio Edison -  THIS IS A FALSE STATEMENT. BE AWARE that normally our utility does NOT make personal calls to customers regarding past due accounts.


It is advised that you tell the caller, "I understand that utility customers are receiving SCAM telephone calls and I am going to hang up and alert my utility company immediately."  Then HANG UP the call.  


Do not reveal any personal information or provide... Read More >