What it Costs

Concerned about your electric rates? Determining which appliances are consuming the most energy can help you find ways to reduce your monthly usage. 

To perform your own home energy audit, do the following to determine the cost to run appliances:

  • Determine the wattage of the appliance. Look in the owner's manual for this information.
  • Estimate the number of hours you plan to use the appliance in one month.
  • Use these numbers in the following equation: (Watts x hrs. x .1050)/1000   =   cost

For example, a 100-watt light bulb, used 30 hours per month: 100 x 30 x .1050 = 315/1000 = .32. The cost of operating that light bulb is 32 cents per month.

Still need help? These home energy audit tools can help.