Water Conservation Tips

Conserving water doesn’t just help the environment; it can also help you save money! The following tips will help you spend less on your water services:

  • Wash only full loads in your washing machine and dishwasher.
  • Don't run water continuously when doing dishes by hand.
  • Install low-flow showerheads and toilets.
  • Don’t leave the water running when shaving or brushing teeth! With a full running tap, shaving uses 20 gallons of water and brushing teeth uses 10 gallons.
  • Check for leaky faucets and toilets. A dripping faucet can waste over six gallons a day.
  • Use a broom—not a hose—to clean driveways and sidewalks.
  • Plant shrubs or add other forms of landscaping instead of grass—grass requires 4 times as much water as other plants.
  • Water your lawn in the evenings or early mornings to reduce evaporation.
  • Add several inches of mulch in early spring to reduce your yard’s water needs and prevent weed growth!