NEW Natural Gas Aggregation Rate Begins in November '22

The City of Orrville (Dominion Gas customers only) is once again providing its residents with the opportunity to participate with other municipalities in a natural gas governmental aggregation program, with Interstate Gas Supply, Inc,  as the supplier of gas.

If you are currently enrolled in the City of Orrville Natural Gas Aggregation Program, you will automatically be enrolled into the new program unless you choose to “opt out” -  that is, to not participate. There is no cost for enrollment. If you are currently enrolled with the City of Orrville Aggregation Program and want to be excluded, you must contact IGS  (Interstate Gas Supply) at 1-877-353-0162.

If you are not currently enrolled and would like to be included in the program, please call IGS at

 1-877-353-0162  to obtain the eligibility requirements and enrollment procedures.

This year with the continued extreme market volatility and high fixed cost options, it was determined the best option was to select a monthly variable rate for the first 5 months of the contract and a fixed rate thereafter (as a public power community in the aggregation program we have contracted a slight discount on the monthly variable rate). Starting with the November 2022 billing cycle, a new monthly variable rate shall be calculated using the market rates, plus applicable taxes, fees and Dominion charges.  This variable rate only lasts through March 2023.  In April 2023 a fixed rate will go into effect.  This fixed rate of $6.61 per MCF will go through October 2024. 

Under this aggregation, Dominion will continue to maintain the pipeline system that delivers the natural gas. You will continue to receive a single bill from Dominion for natural gas service, and it will include the gas supply charge from IGS and sales tax. Customers continue to contact Dominion regarding loss of gas service, odor of gas, or any other concerns or issues having to do with your local service. Budget billing and automatic billing options will continue to be available through Dominion.

If you have any questions please call IGS at 1-877-353-0162, weekdays, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. For general information on natural gas deregulation in Ohio, you can also visit the Web Sites for the Ohio Consumer’s Counsel ( or the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (

Jeff Brediger, Director of Utilities

Orrville Utilities