Please be advised that the City of Orrville, Utilities Department, has again  received reports that customers are receiving fraudulent calls stating that their electric utility bills have not been paid and must be paid within the next 30 minutes.    Orrville Utilities always offers the option of the slot box for payments located at 125 W. Water Street.  If a customer is not sure about the balance due on their utility account, they may call 330-684-5020, option #3  to verify the status of their utility account.  Our source tells us that they are spoofing a local area code of (330), so it does appear to be a local call but it IS NOT Orrville Utilities.  There are no more disconnects from NON-PAYMENT of utility accounts scheduled for the remaining month of December. 

It is advised that you tell the caller, "I understand that utility customers are receiving SCAM telephone calls and I am going to hang up and alert my utility company immediately."  Then HANG UP the call.  

Do not reveal any personal information or provide payment over the phone to these callers!