Public Power Week Begins October 7, 2018

  • Public Power

Public Power Week 2018 is here!   Public Power Week is an opportunity for public power utilities, like Orrville Utilities,  to promote the distinct advantages that public power offers consumers and residents. Since its creation in 1986 by the APPA and its members, Public Power Week is always  celebrated the first full week in October.  This year Public Power Week is from October 7-13. "Our service is reliable and safe and we take pride in serving our firends and neighbors", said Jeff Brediger, Director of Utilities.  Orrville Utilities is proud to have served the community for over 100 years and Orrville Utilities is happy to continue to serve our community.  Please click the here to read about advantages of public power and  to learn more or watch the video:  What is Public Power !

Thanks to each of our customers/residents who give us this opportunity and next time you see a linework, be sure to give them a high-five.  They are truly heroes who fight to keep the lights on.